Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Well i've been given this award by Bev,thank you soooo much,i feel really honoured to receive it from you.If you haven't visited Bev's Blog(i think that's highly unlikely)get yourself over there PDQ you're in for a treat,she does some stunning work....
The rules are to give it to five others, who shall give it to five others.. You shall link the one you got it from, and also the ones you give it to:) And let them know. And there is more... You have to write down five things you are addicted to....
Well here goes,my addictions are:-
1 Crafting in any shape or form.
2 Chocolate,any flavour,milk,dark or white,must have my daily fix.....lol.
3 Tea,i so love a cuppa,or two...lol.
4 Fruit cake,the richer the better.
5 Yankee candles.
The five i would like to pass it on to are.....Becky,Alison,Sonia,Vicky and Chris


Alison said...

Thank you Sandra this means alot coming from you. I just love visiting your blog as you are one talented lady. Hope your doing ok.

Chris said...

Hi San, thanks so much for passing this on to me and I agree with Alison, it means a lot coming from you as I love your blog and everything you make is so inspirational. It won't be difficult for me to find things I'm addicted to....there are so many LOL! Hope you're ok and things are going well for Christmas. Take care, Chris x

Sonia said...

Thank you Sandra for my award :) You know i loves your blog, so feel honoured to receive this award from you :)
Hope my mojo returns soon and i can start adding to my blog soon.
Have a lovely Christmas xx

Becky said...

Aww, thank you so much Sandra!! I am touched that you thought of me!! Will pop it on my blog when I get a chance (don't you just hate Christmas he he!!)
Love Becky xx