Friday, 29 May 2009


Well another week rolled round...where do they all go!,it's time for another dare at Dare U 2 Digi Stamp and this week we have a lovely sketch to follow designed by Donna one of the DT,must say a dream of a sketch to work with and one i will be using thanks Donna you're a star!

For my card i've used the adorable "Tara" one of Chris's (Sketching Stamper) images,love this image and beautiful to colour,this along with many more gorgeous images can be purchased from HERE.I've coloured Tara using Promarkers and Prisma's,decided to have a change and do the background black...i really like out it's turned out....i've left it plain and simple,a bit like me...LOL,i must admit i tried some embellishments on it but felt it some how spoilt it,so left it as it is.The sentiment is Doodlebug rub-ons "All Mixed Up",and cut out using a Woodware file tab punch.
That's about it...hope to see you all joining us on the dare this week and a big thank you to those who joined in last week you made some amazing cards.

I'll be around to your blogs tonight to see what you've all been up too,but for now that's it...i'm at the hospital with my mom seems to have been one round of hospitals again recently,anyway what ever you're doing have a good one!
Take care
San x


Caroline said...

Great card san, love the colour theme you have used
Caroline xx

Vicky said...

Morning San, such a cute card. There's nothing wrong with plain and simple!! :-) Hope yhe hospital goes well with your mum!
Hugs, Vicky -x-


Good morning Sandra, what a gorgeous card, i just adore this digi image, very pretty card! have a good day, hugs Linda x

Donna said...

Hi San, stunning card, love your chosen colour combo and I really like the dark background behind your image it show cases Vicki brilliantly :) Donna x

Debbie said...

I adore this card Sandra. It's the colours that do it for me. Fantastic combination

Hugs Debbie xx

cats whiskers said...

Morning San this is stunning again dear, I just an in awe of your fantastic colouring
Hugs Jacqui x

Sonia said...

This is lovely San your colours really bring the image to life. Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine :)
Hugs Sonia x

Poppy said...

love the card.great colouring.

Tara said...

Oh you'll have to stop calling me adorable San! Ooops sorry, you were talking about the image, lol! She is very cute actually and I love the darker colours you've chosen for your card.
Hope things go okay for your Mum at hospital ;o) xx

Lil Sis said...

Gorgeous card San the colours show her off so well.

Have a great day
Beccy x

Michele said...

Gorgeous card San. Love the image and the beautiful colouring. Love the papers also. Hugs Michele x

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Sandra,l love the image and colours.

Hugs Riet.x

megastamper said...

oh san, your card is really beautiful and so lovely.
have a nice and sunny weekend.
hugs, bea

Anonymous said...

Fabulous card San, fab image and coloured perfectly. Hope you are well?

strawberry fields said...

gorgeous card
fiona x

Kim Piggott said...

Sandra such a beautiful card!
Love this gorgeous image and your colouring is wonderful!
kim x

joey said...

Hiya Sandra, this is a stunning card, love the digi image she is gorgeous. Joey.x

Kim Dellow said...

Very sweet, love the colours. Kim

CraftyC said...

Stunning card Sandra, love what you have done

Tab said...

love your card, the image is fabulous and beatifully coloured too!
Hugs Tab xxx

Anonymous said...

This is really lovely San. Great image and lovely colour combo
Ann x

Enfys said...

Amazing colouring San, super card.
Have a great sunshiny weekend
En x

Anonymous said...

Stunning card! I love the colour combination and the image which is coloured perfectly.
Hugs, Vanja

jem said...

love this card san, the image is like a manga,so cool.janex

Dawn said...

Hi Sandra
Well this is just so gorgeous and different - love it!


Donalda said...

This is just beautiful dear and so love your coloring. You have posted so many gorgeous art since I was able to visit last. Jut beautiful dear.

Anonymous said...

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