Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I've been given this award by the lovely Alison,if you haven't been to Alison's Blog what you waiting for get yourself over there PDQ,Alison creates some beautiful cards take a look you won't be disappointed.

I received this award not long ago,so i will list my addictions again,but i won't be passing it on again...i think most people have received it now.

Here's my addictions :-

1 Crafting in any shape or form.
2 Chocolate,any flavour,milk,dark or white,must have my daily fix.....lol.
3 Tea,i so love a cuppa,or two...lol.
4 Fruit cake,the richer the better.
5 Yankee candles.


Shirley said...

Congrats and so well deserved too!

intelligence said...

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