Thursday, 15 January 2009


I've been given two lovely awards by two very lovely ladies,thank you soooooo much Alison and Jacqueline,if you haven't visited these ladies Blogs what are you waiting for,go check them out,they both do stunning work....
The Encourage award was given to me by Alison and i would like to pass it onto three people who have Encouraged me many a time,thank you ladies,they are in no particular,Jacqui and Bev.
The second award was given to me by Jacqueline,
Here are the rules:
- Put the award on your blog
- Link the person you received your award from
- You can give the award to how many as you want
- Put links of those blogs on yours
- Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated
I would like to pass this onto Alison.

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Bev said...

Thanks so much babes xxxx